What's the big deal with big beds?

Over the past decade and particularly during 2020 and 2021, there has been a growing demand for Family Size beds. For many people, the traditional king-sized bed just does not cut it anymore!

The restrictions from COVID have made us think differently. We are refurbishing our homes, changing our living rooms into gyms and making space for a home office. The goal has been to make our homes more comfortable and our bedrooms have been at the forefront that.

In recent years, our beds have taken a wider dimension. We typically spend a third of our lives sleeping, but a bed is now a more integral part our daily physical space and activities.

Oversized beds are becoming increasingly popular and all for good reason! They create a space where all the family can come together, including our furry loved ones to watch a movie, to read a book or to all sleep together in comfort!

But it need not be the whole family, you can enjoy the space it brings or even get some “peace and quiet” by sending your snoring partner to the other side of the bed!

Whatever the reasons are, an oversized bed gives you more flexibility and comfort. They also transform your bedroom into a sanctuary built for leisure and relaxation, not just sleeping. Not to mention, they immediately bring an air of luxury to your bedroom! It is like your hotel away from home, night after night.

What are the most popular sizes of oversized mattresses?

  • Wyoming King: 84” x 84”.
  • Alaskan King: 108” x 108”.
  • Florida King: 108” x 80”
  • The Family Bed: 120” x 80”
  • The Family Bed XL: 144” x 84”

Experience the extreme comfort of a Family Bed for the entire family!

The Family Bed from The Bedding Mart comes in two mighty big sizes – a 10ft and 12ft wide mattress with various fantastic options for adjustable bed frames to support.

Perfect for multiple sleepers, including the fur babies. These incredible mattresses use luxurious materials that provide the perfect sleeping experience. They also include cooling gels and supportive memory foams to keep all the family comfortable!

The Family Bed is ideal for the perfect movie night with adjustable friendly options. Arguably, it is the most comfortable cinema in the world!

Where can I buy family size bedding?

Oversized bedding is often hard to find, but we have you covered!

Most bedding companies do not want to produce oversized bed sheets and other oversized bedding products. They are niche and need to be specially made. At OCOCHI, we offer oversized bedding to accommodate all family size beds. All beds, big or small, should have the same access to bedding, right?!

Can I get soft, light and breathable fabrics for my Family Bed?

Yes, OCOCHI makes family size bed sheets, duvet covers and even family size comforters using all-natural bamboo and mulberry silk.

With the whole clan in the bed, it is even more important to use functional and breathable fabrics. Everyone sleeps at different temperatures. Using temperature-regulating fabrics such as bamboo and silk is crucial to everyone getting a good night’s sleep.

Fun fact - nearly three quarters of us in the United States sleep with our furry friends on the bed. With this in mind, we offer some pet friendly colors in both the sheet sets and duvet cover sets. Head to our family bedding range to view the color options here.

Visit our range of oversized bedding here

If you are looking for fabrics outside of our current range, please drop us a note here and we will work with our designers to see what we have available for you in our workshop