Silk Duvets vs Down Duvets: A comparison

We grew up in the UK using down duvets. They keep you exceptionally warm and they give your bed that extra bulky look. Down duvets have been widely used for centuries, so they must be good! But maybe there’s something better!

From the moment we first discovered Mulberry Silk filled duvets, we fell in love with them. Nothing will make us return to using down duvets.

So, what are the benefits of a silk duvet vs a down duvet? Let’s make a quick comparison between the two types:

Silk duvets: The Facts

Breathability:  Mulberry Silk fiber allows some of your body heat to escape at night, keeping you warm but stopping your body from overheating

Filling: The long fibers of the Mulberry Silk floss are layered to form a grid design, which enhances air flow in and out of the duvet, keeping you at a comfortable temperature all night

Healthy Sleeping: The breathability of silk helps those with allergies. It allows the sweat produced whilst sleeping to be removed reducing build up of nasties and bacteria

Hypoallergenic:   Silk is a natural protein. It is not hospitable to dust mites which can trigger allergic reactions such as asthma, eczema and rhinitis

Weight and Fit:  Silk filled duvets hug the contour of your body and are extremely light in weight. This delivers a very soothing and comfortable sleep experience

Down duvets: The Facts

Breathability: Down is a fantastic insulator. It traps heat. If you sleep under a down duvet, you know the feeling of overheating then getting cold again, it’s a cycle!  

Filling: Unlike silk duvets, feathers are bundled within the duvet, creating an uneven spread of temperature and those unwanted heat pockets. This can leave you feeling hot and sticky, especially on warm nights

Healthy Sleeping:  With the hot and stickiness from the down duvet, our bodies overheat, sweat more and encourage the build up of bacteria. This is extremely unhealthy for your skin and your airways

Hypoallergenic: Down duvets are not hypoallergenic. They allow growth of nasties and bacteria, resulting for some, in an allergic or unhealthy reaction

Weight and Fit: Down duvets are much bulkier and heavier than silk. For some this results in an experience of restlessness. It can weigh you down causing interrupted sleep

After years of research into duvet fillings, we can honestly say, nothing compares to sleeping under a Mulberry Silk filled duvet insert. It ticks all the boxes