What makes our Silk Duvet Inserts special?

You may be overwhelmed with the choice and price variations of Silk Duvet Inserts or maybe this is the first time you have heard about them and want to know more. Read on to learn more about our chosen fibers and how they influence the quality of our Mulberry Silk Duvet Inserts.

What is Mulberry Silk?

There are many variations of silk used in duvets. The finest and purest products use Mulberry silk, the strongest 100% natural fiber in the world. Mulberry silk has been renowned for centuries for its luxury, quality and incredible durability.

How are the grades of silk important?

There are 5 grades of silk, attributed by the length of the fiber and color. The highest quality Grade A is long fiber and is pure white in color and odorless. It's threads are smoother, lighter and more uniformly colored than any other type of silk in the world. It is evenly pulled apart for consistency and does not bundle.

How does Grade A long fiber silk help me to sleep better?

The even non-clumpy distribution of the silk maintains a consistent temperature across your body, removing those hated heat pockets. The long fiber silk is so lightweight that it contours the shape of your body, rather than sitting on top of you and weighing you down.

What about the outer shell of the silk duvet insert?

It is not just about the silk inside the duvet. It is so important that the outer shell is a continuation of the filling quality. A high-quality outer shell enhances the feel and functionality of silk to bring breathability, temperature regulating and hypoallergenic benefits to the sleeper.

Combining Mulberry Silk with Luxury Bamboo

We use an outer shell of our Luxe Bamboo fabric filled with the highest Grade A Mulberry silk. Both are all-natural, certified free from harmful chemicals and share the same functionalities. The combination of these two materials will give you the perfect sleep experience of comfort and temperature regulation. Oftentimes we see Mulberry Silk Duvets encased in cotton or a blend of cotton/polyester. Versus bamboo these are restrictive fabrics for your skin and body to breathe, which inhibits the Mulberry Silk from keeping you comfortable.

If you have any further questions about our Mulberry Silk Duvet Inserts, please do not hesitate to contact us by chat, email or phone