Bedding fit for an NFL Player and his Wyoming King bed

Recently our bedding was given the seal of approval from Dallas Cowboys player, Deante Burton. Before we get into this though, can we stop for a moment to appreciate how beautiful his family is, pups included!

As you can see from the size of the pups, Deante and his fiancé needed to opt for a Wyoming King size bed. A standard king was not going to cut it!

What is a Wyoming King size bed?

Standing at a whopping 7ft wide (84" W x 84" L), this bed is known as a Wyoming King. Depth varies by manufacturer. This is the perfect oversized mattress to give increased room for two adult sleepers and to create room for children or large dogs.

Quality bedding for a quality mattress

With the mattress organized, Deante approached us in need of some Wyoming King bedding. There are options out there, but quality options for a Wyoming King bed, that give him good sleep are hard to come by.

"Want to give a big shoutout to @ocochi.bedding for making these awesome Bamboo sheets for my Wyoming King Bed. Not sure who loves them more, us or the dogs!”

OCOCHI is a one-stop shop for all oversized bedding made from the highest quality fabrics. We use natural and functional materials that are exceptionally comfortable. From bedsheets to duvet covers to duvet inserts, we have you covered.

Sleep and performance

As a sportsman, the quality and quantity of Deante’s sleep has a profound impact on reaction times, accuracy and even has potential to cause for injury. The importance of sleep on sports performance should never be understated. It should be a solid and consistent part of any sportsman’s preparation and training.

According to a study on Sleep and Athletic Performance conducted by Andrew M. Watson, "Sleeping environments ideally should be comfortable, cool, dark, without electronic devices and with minimal ambient noise or distraction."

Step One to a cooler and more comfortable sleep environment – use breathable bedding!

If you are wondering how to make your bed cooler, a great place to start is by checking the construct and functionalities of the fabrics that you are wrapped in. Without an in-built AC unit to the bed, the next best option is choosing breathable and cooling bedding.

Fabrics that include synthetics and polyester will trap the moisture and heat from your body. Ever wondered why you might be waking up in a feverish sweat?!

To minimize this, OCOCHI uses natural fibers free from synthetics, to keep you cool, allowing increased wicking through breathable and cooling bedding.

We have plenty of options for anyone who is trying to improve their sleep environment. All of our products are made using all-natural fabrics, that wick away moisture and are free from harmful chemicals.

In summary, we all must get the right quality of sleep. Avoiding a sleeping environment that is too hot is crucial and beneficial for maintaining sleep and a healthy life, but for athletes, sleep can be the difference between winning or losing.

Choose OCOCHI natural products that deliver better sleep. View our selection of oversized bedding products here