A fluffy, feel good comforter for the whole family

Transform your bed into a cloud-like comfort with this luxurious and fluffy comforter.

Featuring hypoallergenic microfiber encased in a soft brushed microfiber.

An all-season filling weight, perfect for all climates and sleepers. Lightweight option for those that struggle with heat at night or live in a hot climate.

No need for a duvet cover. This comforter is available in three colors for the perfect final layer to your oversized bed.

What is the quilting pattern?

- For the all-season, we use a diamond pattern

- For the lightweight, we use a small circle quilted pattern

Which filling weight should I choose?

All-Season: The All-Season is wonderful for states, such as Illinois and New York or for those in warmer climates that sleep cooler or have air conditioning on high

Summer: For exceptionally warm climates or hot sleepers, the Summer Weight may be more suitable

Please note: As with any comforter, it may not accommodate 100% of the nights. It may be that an extra blanket is required during Polar Vortex's in Chicago or you may need to increase the air conditioning slightly for extreme summer evenings, but overall Mulberry Silk is a wonderful step in achieving a breathable and temperature regulating night's sleep

Care Guide

  • Machine wash warm
  • Air dry or tumble dry on low to maintain quality
  • Remove from washer and dryer promptly


  • Ships within 2-3 business days

Shipping & Returns

Free shipping and returns to mainland USA. Free shipping available on most items internationally. Some exclusions. Please refer to our shipping and returns page for more details:

What makes our Down Alternative Comforters special?

Save Time And Money

Easy to care for

Family and fur baby friendly

Become A Makeup Artist

No duvet cover needed

Elegant quilted pattern in all-season and lightweight
Learn With Experts

Fluffy and comfortable

Not too heavy, not too light - an all-season and lightweight option for all sleepers

Looking for an insert instead?

We have you covered - please see our USA Made Duvet Inserts

Our bedding sizes


We offer all of the standard bed sizes, twin, twin xl, full, full xl, queen, king, cal king, splits, split heads, you name it!


Wyoming King - 7x7ft / 84x84"

Texas King - 80x98"

Texas King - 98x80"

Vermont King - 8x8ft / 96x96"

Florida King - 108x80"

Alaskan King Short Length - 108x80"

Two full beds pushed together - 108x75"

Family Bed - 10ft wide / 120x80"

Two queen beds pushed together - 10ft wide / 120x80"

Family Bed XL - 12x7ft / 144x84"

Alaskan King - 9x9ft / 108x108"

Alaskan King 7ft Length - 9x7ft / 108x84"

Two king beds pushed together - 152x80"


We also specialize in custom bedding - custom sizes, shapes, depths for homes, hospitality, yachts. Please contact us on hi@ocochi.com or +1-949-680-0730 for a quotation

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