What size bed is two queen beds pushed together?

Doubling up with two queen beds creates a bed that is 120 inches wide by 80 inches long. This is also known as a family size bed.

What are my options for a family bed mattress?

There are a couple of different ways that you can achieve a family size bed. You can either push two queens together or you can purchase a preconfigured family bed mattress, which is a whopping 10ft wide

Why should I push two queens together or purchase a family bed?

One of the main reasons people sleep in bigger beds is due to co-sleeping. This is an arrangement whereby the family shares the same bed!

Co-sleeping is not a new phenomenon though. It is something that many cultures have been practicing for centuries. Sleeping separately is a new arrangement that has arisen within the last 100 years or so.

That said, co-sleeping is becoming increasingly popular again and that is one of the reasons why mattresses seem to keep expanding!

What are the pros and cons of a Family Bed / Two Queens Pushed Together?


  • It is believed that co-sleeping promotes a feeling of closeness and unity within the family
  • Convenience of closeness for breastfeeding mothers
  • Sharing the bed with pets without feeling overcrowded!
  • Feeling of luxuriousness and grandeur
  • Space to lounge around as well as sleep!
  • Feel less movement or noise from your partner


  • Safety concerns if you are sharing a bed with a young infant as there is an increased risk of SIDS due to lose bedding
  • They obviously weigh more than a standard size mattress, so can be difficult to move around
  • Occupying more space in your bedroom

Why would I choose two queen beds pushed together rather than one family bed mattress and frame?

It may be that you already have the queen beds, in which case, why purchase a whole new mattress and bedframe!

What size bedroom is recommended for two queens pushed together?

Generally speaking, it is recommended to have 2-3 feet of space on both sides of the bed and at the end. As much as a bed is the focal point of a bedroom, in terms of design, it is better if the space is well-distributed and balanced. Practically, you also need to leave enough room for nightstands and to be able to walk around the bed.

What are my bedding options for two queen beds pushed together?

We have lots of bedding options available for your family bed! Please see some options below:










For the Bamboo Sheet Sets, the standard two queen pushed together sheet sets and fitted sheets come as 120 width and 80 length. If you would prefer to have fitted sheets that fit the queen mattresses separately (60 width x 80 length), we can certainly accommodate that. Please contact us at hi@ocochi.com or call Wendy at 949-680-0730

For the Bamboo Mattress Pad, you are welcome to look at Queen Size pads if you prefer to keep the top of the mattress bedding separate for each queen mattress. Otherwise, the family bed / two queens pushed together pads will cover the full 120 width of the mattress.