The Big Debate - Should You Have Pets in the Bed?

According to American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, a third of Americans with pet dogs, sleep with them in the bed. Surprising statistic isn’t it! It is also a very divided decision, with feelings running very deep on either side!

There are many pros and cons to sleeping with dogs.


  • In the same way that petting a dog can help to relieve anxiety and stress, sleeping next to them can be a source of comfort and have a calming influence on your health and well-being
  • Some research has shown that interacting with a dog can help to decrease cortisol, which is the stress hormone, so if you had a stressful day or an exam the next day, invite that pooch up onto the bed for a little cuddle!
  • Practically speaking, a dog can also be a source of warmth as their body temperatures are much higher than ours
  • Another reason is that extra added sense of security, in the same way that home security gives you peace of mind. With any sudden noise, your pooch will alert you and defend their territory!
  • It’s also a mutually beneficial situation, as your beloved pooch will feel closer and more bonded with you and if they have really behaved themselves, then why not reward them with a laze around on the bed!


Ok, so it’s not for everyone! Here are some of the cons of sleeping with your dog:

  • The obvious one of course is the hygiene aspect of inviting your pooch into your bed. Your dog carries lots of dirt, fleas, ticks, and many other nasties that you do not want in your sheets!
  • For people that suffer with allergies from pets, sleeping next to them may only exacerbate the issue
  • Some people also believe that sleeping with your dogs can affect boundaries and cause spoiled behavior. So, if you have a dog that is challenging to tame, then maybe this might not be the best course of action!
  • Sleeping with your dog can affect the quality of your sleep. Dogs sleep much lighter than humans and as such, you may find them riling around and changing positions frequently
  • If you sleep with your children in your bed, there is also a safety aspect. If they hear a sound, they may go into self-defense mode and climb across your bed quickly and a claw could cause a scratch

Ultimately, it all depends on the dog and human and what works for you! Not all dogs like to sleep on beds themselves, so you may never have to weigh up the pros and cons, but there is certainly no right or wrong and whatever your reasons are, you can proudly stand by them when questioned by others!

So, where does OCOCHI come into the story?!

We thoroughly enjoy communicating with our customers and understanding the reasons for buying big beds. Many of our customers buy oversized mattresses as they sleep with their dogs, and it is not uncommon for there to be up to 9 dogs in the bed!

With this in mind, we wanted to create a pet friendly range of bedding.

The foundation of OCOCHI is quality, all-natural materials that help you to sleep better, but quality materials also come with a price tag that you may not feel comfortable sharing with your pooches!

We have therefore designed some pet-friendly sheets and comforters that can withstand more of the wear and tear that comes with pooches. These are also products that are more economical, so you are forgiving to your pets for making their mark!

Here is our pet-friendly range of bedding for oversized beds:

The products are easy to wash and come in white, dark grey or navy to accommodate different fur colors!

All the products are made with 100% brushed microfiber and filled with down alternative for the comforters. As with all fabrics though, there are grades and levels of quality, we have chosen the highest quality microfiber that is durable but brushed for exceptional softness.

They still need to be soft, not just for you, but also your pets! Dogs still recognize quality and comfort, which is why you might find them curled up on a fluffy rug or on the couch.

We make bedding that is approved by you and your dogs!