Ocochi is a small family bedding company founded in Chicago by three generations of women - Mum, Daughter and Nan.

We grew out of our own passion for natural materials and struggles with sleep. Too hot, too cold and total restlessness, all three of us have been there and know how seriously a poor night's sleep can affect the next day.

Combining our generational experiences with bedding, we came together to find fabrics that helped us to sleep better, whilst also looking beautiful on our beds.

After researching into Mulberry Silk and Bamboo, we knew that we had found some really special materials. They offered all the functionalities we were searching for - moisture-wicking, temperature regulation and breathability. 

As with all fabrics, there are grades. At Ocochi we use only the highest grades that are certified free from harmful chemicals to weave into an unforgettable and breathable softness.

Nan is our quality control, with years of intricate fabric knowledge. She has been testing Ocochi bedding for years, so we are proud to say that all of our products are Nan approved.

We specialize in making custom sizes, so you if you have a custom size mattress outside of our standard range, please reach out to us.