What is a split mattress and where can I find the bedding?

So, you are in the market for a new bed and feeling overwhelmed perhaps! Nowadays, there are so many choices - firm, soft, hybrid, latex, wool. Then finally you stumble upon split mattresses! Just when you thought you had explored all the options!

What exactly is a split king or a split queen mattress?

Simply put, it is a mattress that is split down the middle. Two mattresses are placed together, side by side. When combined, they measure to the full dimensions of a king or queen bed but are two totally separate and independently functional beds.

The size of a king is usually 76”x80”, whereas a split king is 2 x 38”x80” (Twin XL mattress). This can be achieved by purchasing two Twin XL beds and pushing them together, but in this scenario you would not achieve the customizable functionality of the mattress.

The size of a queen is 60”x80”, so a split queen is 2 x 30”x80”. This is not a standard size mattress in the market, so this would need to be ordered as a split queen bed

You may be thinking, why should I choose a split king or split queen mattress?

All mattresses can be customizable with an adjustable bed frame, but a split bed offers that additional benefit of personalization.

These are particularly a great choice for couples who are looking for customizable mattress settings. Not everyone likes to sleep the same and the reasons for the customization may be different.

Adjustable beds in general are great for lounging, reading books and watching TV, as well as many health benefits, assuming you both need it for the same reason!

An example of a situation where split functionality comes in useful is if someone snores heavily. The non-snorer (quieter member!) may be hoping for some better sleep and does not actually need an adjustable feature! The split king and split queen beds means that one of the mattresses can be configured to a slightly raised upper section to help with the snoring.

If you both suffer from back pain, but in different areas, the split beds also allow you to optimize comfort to suit your needs.

Another example where a split mattress could be beneficial is if one person needs to adjust the bed due to mobility challenges. This will help with getting in and out.

Alternatively, one person may suffer with sleep apnea or circulatory issues. This element of customization is invaluable. It improves your individual comfort at night and hopefully therefore leads to better sleep and happier days!

The benefits are endless, but of course there are some drawbacks:

  • These are slightly more expensive than your regular queen and king mattresses
  • For those that are co-sleeping with children, it is not recommended to use split mattresses
  • If you like to sprawl across the mattresses, you may be able to feel the ‘split’ down the middle
  • Split king and split queen bedding can be quite tricky to find, but that’s where we can help!

Where can I find bedding for my split queen or split king bed?

To ensure that the mattresses have full functionality, it is recommended to use separate fitted sheets, in which case the traditional king and queen sheet sets are not going to work. You may be able to source twin XL sheet sets for the split king, but that will also come with 2 x flat sheets in the sets.

Our sheet sets are configured as 2 x fitted sheets, 1 x flat sheets and 2 x pillowcases.

Here is the link to our split king and split queen bamboo sheets:


If you have any custom requests for these sheets, please also contact Wendy on +1-949-680-0730 or wendy@ocochi.com