‘What can we bring to our customers that is unique in its feel, has awesome functionalities and is complementary to our existing range of fabrics?’

The answer was obvious for us – Bamboo Linen Blend and here’s why:

Our customers love our Kind Bamboo Lyocell, for its unparalleled softness, and how it helps those that struggle with heat. Conversely our French Flax Stone Washed Linen exudes charm and texture, but is slightly thicker than Bamboo.

So, OCOCHI now offers the “best of both worlds”. If Bamboo is not your thing because you are looking for something thicker, particularly as a duvet cover, and Stone Washed Linen is a little too warm for you, then Bamboo Linen Blend is your answer!

How does it feel and look?

The blend fabric is 70% bamboo lyocell, for retention of softness and splendor, and 30% stone washed linen, to enhance the visual interest.

It combines all the things you love about bamboo with the beauty of stone washed linen to create a cozy and charming bed.

  • All materials are natural and breathable
  • The fabric sits in between bamboo and linen for thickness and offers a slightly warmer night’s sleep than bamboo
  • For all of our wonderful interior design partners, visually the material is unique, contemporary, modern and textured, when used as the final layer for the bed

Tick in the box for everything – feel, functionality and form. The fabric oozes tranquility and peacefulness, whilst giving your bedroom a fresh look, with new texture. Yes, a classic in the making, that will last for years to come.

Should I try the sheet sets or duvet cover set?

The beauty of bamboo linen blend is that it can be used both for sheet sets and duvet cover sets. It looks great and it feels great, so the decision is yours, we have both options available:

What colors do you have available?

We have launched with a gorgeous cream color, followed by a classic white in December 2023. The cream is warming, neutral and pairs beautifully with our Kind Bamboo Lyocell Sheet Set in white. The combination creates a calming oasis to relax in.

Make no mistake, Bamboo Lyocell is like home to us. It is, and always will be, our favorite. It serves an invaluable purpose allowing better sleep through a weightless, breathable, and calming environment – but our new bamboo linen blend is a must try!

What size mattresses can you cater for with the blend fabric?

We specialize in custom sizes, and we no longer raise our eyebrows in amazement at the dimensions our customers ask for. We welcome all configurations and dimensions! Please contact Wendy if you have a custom size you wish to discuss - or +1-949-680-0730