Our core material consisting of 3 three inch thick layers of natural latex rubber comes with a non-prorated limited warranty. Our warranty protects this material against any and all body impressions greater than 0.5 inches and against softening for ten full years. It is understood that this limited warranty does not include a normal hardening and crusting of the foam, which occurs over time and from exposure to UV sunlight. It is also understood that the natural smell of latex is not a warranty issue which does dissipate over time.
Warranty Exclusions & Key Points for Durability
If your latex topper is shipped to you rolled and compressed, your warranty is void if you leave the latex in the rolled condition more than 30 days of the time it shipped.
Regular rotating and flipping of your top two layers of latex is required. We recommend at least twice a year as a good practice.
If your latex develops impressions, it most likely means you haven’t been regularly rotating the layers. Before inquiring about warranty coverage for body impressions, the latex must be rotated and flipped and shaken. Almost in all cases, when this is done, the measurable body impression returns to its normal position and shape. This is the normal life of latex. It is rubber and it will bounce back to its original shape.
All latex is inspected thoroughly for rips, stains and other unnatural imperfections and latex is never shipped dirty, ripped or deformed. Natural imperfections include some discoloring of the latex which is the result of imperfect mixing of the latex when it is formed in the mold and has no bearing on the durability or cleanliness of the latex. Such discoloring may look like dirt but it is imbedded in the latex when it was formed and is not grounds for a warranty replacement. Small rips the size of a human thumb are natural byproducts of removing the foam from the mold. Any rips bigger are usually always clued if no bigger than a few inches. This also has no bearing on the durability or comfort of the latex. If any large rips are found in your latex, it did not come from us but was either ripped by the recipient or the shipper. In fewer than 1 in 5000 shipments is latex ever harmed because our shipping plastic wrap and boxes protect from damage to begin with. If you’ve found a large rip, again, it didn’t come from us in that condition so please contact the shipper for remedy. You will have to supply pictures of the box and plastic wrap showing damage upon arrival to prove shipper is responsible. Otherwise, rips are the responsibility of the recipient. Please be careful in handling the latex, it can rip when handling.