Experience ultimate luxury, calm and silence

Handmade and filled with clouds of 100% long fiber Mulberry Silk, this duvet insert offers a relaxing and soothing night's sleep. Mulberry Silk looks like a luxurious cotton candy. It is supremely soft, lightweight and temperature regulating.

Encased in our 100% Kind Bamboo Lyocell for an all-natural finish. This duvet insert helps to combat night sweats and restlessness from heavier duvets.

Did you know?

- Mulberry Silk is a game-changer for people who struggle with temperature issues at night

- Mulberry silk contors your body for a calming and soothing sleep

- Mulberry Silk Fiber is the purest form of silk, before it is woven into the fabric form. It is an ancient fiber used in clothing and bedding for thousands of years

- We use the highest grade of long fiber Mulberry Silk, that is lightweight, but durable. The long fiber ensures that the silk does not break and cause clumps inside the duvet insert. Each strand is a luxurious and continuous thread, offering a consistent temperature across the whole duvet insert

Which filling weight should I choose?

All-Season: The All-Season is wonderful for states, such as Illinois and New York or for those in warmer climates that sleep cooler or have air conditioning on high

Summer: For exceptionally warm climates or hot sleepers, the Summer Weight may be more suitable

Please note: As with any duvet insert, it may not accommodate 100% of the nights. It may be that an extra blanket is required during Polar Vortex's in Chicago or you may need to increase the air conditioning slightly for extreme summer evenings, but overall Mulberry Silk is a wonderful step in achieving a breathable and temperature regulating night's sleep

Care Guide

  • Easy to wash
  • Wash on gentle cycle
  • Dry on low heat
  • Use dryer balls to remove any hairs
  • Use mild detergent and no softener or optical brighteners


  • Most sizes and weights are in stock and ship within 2-3 business days. If not ready to ship, we will custom make within 10-20 business days
  • If you are in a rush, please contact us at hi@ocochi.com to check on timings and see if we can expedite a custom made order. We look forward to hearing from you!

Shipping & Returns

Free shipping and returns to mainland USA. Free shipping available on most items internationally. Some exclusions. Please refer to our shipping and returns page for more details:

Custom Inquiries

Not sure on the filling available filling weights and would like to adjust the weight to suit your needs? Please feel free to reach out to us

If you have a custom size, we can also custom make our duvet inserts to any size.

Please contact us at hi@ocochi.com or +1-949-680-0730

What makes Mulberry Silk so special?

Save Time And Money

Body Contouring

Follows the contour of your body to eliminate moisture and heat pockets

Become A Makeup Artist


No rustles of fabric or fiber, silk is peaceful to sleep under
Learn With Experts


Not too heavy, not too light - a calming weight for a restful night's sleep

A Touch Of Luxury

Night after night!

Our bedding sizes


We offer all of the standard bed sizes, twin, twin xl, full, full xl, queen, king, cal king, splits, split heads, you name it!


Wyoming King - 7x7ft / 84x84"

Texas King - 80x98"

Texas King - 98x80"

Vermont King - 8x8ft / 96x96"

Florida King - 108x80"

Alaskan King Short Length - 108x80"

Two full beds pushed together - 108x75"

Family Bed - 10ft wide / 120x80"

Two queen beds pushed together - 10ft wide / 120x80"

Family Bed XL - 12x7ft / 144x84"

Alaskan King - 9x9ft / 108x108"

Alaskan King 7ft Length - 9x7ft / 108x84"

Two king beds pushed together - 152x80"


We also specialize in custom bedding - custom sizes, shapes, depths for homes, hospitality, yachts. Please contact us on hi@ocochi.com or +1-949-680-0730 for a quotation

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