The foundation of Ocochi's bedding. The fast growing grass is transformed into our softest and most beloved material for long dreamy nights.

Bamboo is one of the most ancient recorded textiles, weaved by artisans into sumptuously soft viscose. Unlike most of the petrochemical based synthetic fibres and water thirsty cotton, bamboo is a sustainable natural resource straight from mother nature.

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Environmentally Friendly

As the the fastest growing woody plant in the world, Bamboo grows extremely densely and produces 30 times more per acre than cotton. An extremely low maintenance plant, Bamboo uses only rainwater to grow with no need for pesticides or fertilisers, preserving and protecting the Earth’s precious freshwater.

The Cashmere of Bedding

Our bamboo sheets are sumptuously soft and luxurious, unmatched by any cotton or linens out there. Once you try them, we know you'll agree. Our bamboo artisans have found the perfect blend of softness and durability to create sheets that feel smoother than 1000 thread count, all finished by hand to create beautiful long-lasting bedding.

Perfect for all Skin Types and Sleepers

Our bamboo sheets are not only the softest fabric you will ever sleep in but also naturally hypoallergenic. By this, we mean that the fabric does not hold a lot of water making it inhabitable for dust mites and bacteria. This also makes it extremely breathable for any overheaters out there and wonderfully gentle for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Mulberry Silk

A natural protein fibre made by silk worms, this gorgeous material is spun into the most delicate and luxurious bedding. We use only the purest, finest and whitest strands to fill our bamboo encased duvet.

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Hand-made Luxury

All of our silk is freshly cultivated without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals. Every duvet is handcrafted by our specialist silk workers who gently pull apart the silk to form an even spread. The silk is covered in a bamboo shell and is stitched into a diamond structure to keep your silk from moving around or clumping.

Life-long Investment

Your newest family member, silk fiber has a filament stronger than steel, which makes it an extremely long-lasting product, providing you years of comfort and warmth. Plus, as silk naturally repels dirt, odors and dust mites its cleaning requirements are far less than those of a synthetic or down, keeping it strong and supple for years to come.

All Seasons and All Sleepers

Silk is a natural temperature regulator, keeping you comfortable at all times. As it doesn't lock in any water, silk allows your body to breathe and is un-inhabitable to dust mites, one of the biggest causes of allergies, and bacteria. Extremely lightweight and breathable; say goodbye to night sweats and hours wrestling with your duvet.


We wanted to create something special for our customers. In place of single use packaging we have created a range of beautiful reusable jute bags to protect your order when shipping. Jute is a durable natural fibre with a very low water and CO2 footprint.

Conch Shells

Some of our products are decorated and finished with conch shells, in our step to becoming totally plastic free. Each with their own character, these beautiful mother of pearl buttons are individually hand stitched onto our bamboo duvet covers.