Discover the Perfect Sheets for Oversized Beds with OCOCHI

Are you struggling to find the right sheets for your oversized mattress? At OCOCHI, we understand that a standard-sized bed doesn't fit everyone's needs. That's why we offer custom-made sheets for oversized beds like the Wyoming King, Texas King, Vermont King, Alaskan King, and Family Bed. Our high-quality sheet sets include bamboo lyocell, bamboo/linen blend, organic sateen cotton, organic percale cotton, and brushed microfiber.

Why Choose OCOCHI Sheets for Oversized Beds?

  1. Custom Fit for Any Size: Whether you have a Wyoming King, Texas King, Vermont King, Alaskan King, or a Family Bed, we can provide the perfect sheets to fit your unique mattress dimensions.
  2. Variety of High-Quality Materials: We offer a diverse range of sheet sets, including bamboo lyocell, bamboo/linen blend, organic sateen cotton, organic percale cotton, and brushed microfiber
  3. Fair Trade and Sustainable: We partner with fair trade farms in India, ensuring ethical practices and sustainable farming methods for our Organic Cotton Sheets.

Types of Oversized Beds

Wyoming King Sheets

Wyoming King: Measuring 84" x 84", the Wyoming King bed provides ample space for those who need more room to stretch out. Our Wyoming King sheets are tailored to fit perfectly, offering a smooth and snug fit.

Ideal for: Couples who like extra space and individuals who appreciate a roomy sleeping area.

Texas King Sheets

Texas King: At 80" x 98", the Texas King offers even more length, ideal for taller individuals. Our Texas King sheets are designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit, ensuring you enjoy a restful night's sleep.

Ideal for: Taller individuals and those who prefer extra legroom. Although some customers do configure the bed as 98" x 80" too. We make sheets for both configurations.

Vermont King Sheets

Vermont King: Slightly wider at 96" x 96", this bed offers a perfect square for couples who enjoy extra space. Our Vermont King sheets are crafted to fit this unique size, providing a luxurious and spacious sleeping experience.

Ideal for: Couples who appreciate a large sleeping surface with ample space.

Alaskan King Sheets

Alaskan King: The largest of standard oversized beds, measuring 108" x 108", it's perfect for families who co-sleep or for those who simply enjoy a vast sleeping area. Our Alaskan King sheets are meticulously crafted to cover this expansive mattress, ensuring comfort and durability.

Ideal for: Families who co-sleep and those who enjoy a spacious sleeping area.

Family Bed Sheets

Family Bed: For the ultimate in shared sleeping space, our sheets can accommodate family beds of various dimensions. Whether your family bed is custom-made or follows a specific size, we can create sheets that fit perfectly.

Ideal for: Families who prefer to sleep together and need a custom-sized sleeping solution.

OCOCHI's Diverse Range of Sheet Materials

Bamboo Lyocell Sheets

Soft and Breathable: Renowned for their unparalleled softness and breathability, bamboo lyocell sheets provide a luxurious sleep experience, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Ideal for: Individuals who prioritize softness and breathability above all else.

Bamboo/Linen Blend Sheets

Softness and Texture: Combining the luxurious feel of bamboo with the visual charm of linen, these sheets offer the perfect balance of softness and texture.

Ideal for: Those who value both softness and texture in their bedding.

Organic Sateen Cotton Sheets

Luxurious and Smooth: Organic sateen sheets offer a silky-smooth finish with a slight sheen, providing a high-end, hotel-like experience.

Ideal for: Those who enjoy a soft, silky touch and a warmer sleep environment.

Organic Percale Cotton Sheets

Crisp and Cool: Known for their crisp and cool feel, organic percale sheets are perfect for hot sleepers and those living in warmer climates.

Ideal for: Individuals who prefer a cool, crisp sleeping surface.

Brushed Microfiber Sheets

Durable and Easy Maintenance: Microfiber sheets are highly durable and easy to care for, making them perfect for busy households or those with pets.

Ideal for: Those seeking durability and ease of maintenance without compromising on comfort.

Finding the perfect sheets for your oversized bed doesn't have to be a challenge. At OCOCHI, we offer custom-made sheets in a variety of materials, including bamboo lyocell, bamboo/linen blend, organic sateen cotton, organic percale cotton, and brushed microfiber. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and fair trade practices ensures that you receive the best bedding for a comfortable and healthy sleep environment.