We are thrilled to launch our new topper range! These form part of our proudly made in the USA collection.

Our aim at OCOCHI is to bring specialist products and fabrics from all over the world. There is no 'one size fits all' solution for bedding! The world has so much to offer with different countries specializing in different fabrics.

In the same way that cheese is a French delicacy, but Italy is the land of pizza and gelato. Countries also have their own specialty in textiles. Over time we have built up a portfolio of workshops across the globe.

When it comes to toppers and mattresses, look no further than the USA! We could have sourced some of these products from elsewhere at a more economical price point, but we want to support the homegrown market where we can and where it makes sense for the products.

Now onto the product details…

Why do I need a mattress topper?

A great way to update, upgrade or preserve your mattress is by adding a mattress topper. They offer enhanced support and comfort, whilst preserving the quality of your mattress or simply improving the feel of a mattress that you have had for a long time.

It is a cost-effective way to improve your sleep experience if you are not in the market for a new mattress.

If you are considering putting together two beds, such as two full beds, two queen beds or two king beds pushed together, then a topper can also act as a wonderful connector across the mattresses to make it feel more of a complete oversized bed.

There are many options out there and we have chosen two of the most popular to accommodate most.

Should I choose a down alternative or 50/50 down and down alternative topper?

Luxury – If ultimate luxury and loftiness is a priority, then look no further than the mix down/down alternative topper. This is also known as a featherbed. Down is exceptionally fluffy and offers that true feeling of sinking into your bed

In case you are wondering why we have chosen a mix of down and down alternative, the answer is very simple – 100% down would be too hot. Our priority is offering functional products. 100% down would give that unparalleled five-star hotel luxury feel, but you would most likely be waking up due to overheating. A 50/50 mix is a perfect blend of luxuriousness and functionality

Allergies – Some people do suffer with allergies from down and feathers, in which case we would suggest the down alternative. Down is not a hypoallergenic material and can cause sneezing and irritations. We do triple wash our down, but of course there still may be some sensitives if you have allergies

Temperature – If luxury is not a priority and your focus is more so on functionality and breathability, then this is a very important factor to consider. Down is naturally an insulator and will be a warmer option than the 100% down alternative.

For those that sleep cool or live in cooler locations that may experience cold winters and mild summers, the mix is a wonderful option, but for those that are looking for temperature control, the down alternative will be a more suitable option

Price point – There are so many benefits to down, but it is not as budget-friendly as the down alternative. This is the more economical option

Comfort – As one of the primary purposes of toppers is to provide enhanced comfort, both the mix of down and down alternative and the 100% down alternative are fluffy, soft, and plush. We would suggest considering the other factors as the decision makers

Thickness: Should I choose a 3” or 5” topper?

The thickness depends on your reason for purchasing a topper. For the most part, we recommend using a 3” topper. That will provide a soft and comfortable support beneath you, but please find below reasons you may wish to consider 5”:

Firmness of mattress – If your mattress is too firm for you, then you may wish to consider the 5” topper

Age of mattress – If your mattress has been used for a long time and is starting to lose its firmness, then we would suggest a 5” topper as this will provide more structure and cushioning between you and the mattress

Weight of the sleeper – Heavier sleepers may need a thicker topper to support their weight

Pressure points – A thicker and fluffier topper can relieve pressure points

Ultimate softness – If you are looking for maximum softness and that sinking feeling, then the 5” topper is for you

What size can you make mattress toppers?

Firstly, a mattress topper should be the same size as your mattress, so it aligns perfectly with the edges.

We make all of the standard bed size toppers, but if you looking for a topper for your oversized bed, please see a full list of sizes below:

  • Wyoming King (7x7ft / 84x84") Toppers
  • Alberta/Vermont King (8x8ft / 96x96") Toppers
  • Alaskan King (9x9ft / 108x108") Toppers
  • Florida King / Alaskan King Short Length (108x80") Toppers
  • Family Bed (10ft wide / 120x80") Toppers
  • Two Queens Pushed Together (10ft wide / 120x80") Toppers
  • Two Full Beds Pushed Together (9ft wide / 108x75") Toppers
  • Two Kings Pushed Together (152x80") Toppers
  • Family Bed XL (12ft wide / 144x84") Toppers
  • Texas King (80" wide x 98" long) Toppers
  • Texas King (98" wide x 80" long) Toppers
  • Alaskan King 7ft Length (108x84") Toppers

Outside of the sizes on our website, we can custom make our toppers to any dimensions. Please contact or +1-949-680-0730 for quotation

Custom fitted sheets

The sheet sets on our website are made to a 16” depth. If you find that your mattress depth + a topper takes you over that 16”, then we can custom make a set of two fitted sheets for you in either our Bamboo Lyocell or our Bamboo/Linen Blend fabric. Please contact or +1-949-680-0730 for quotation