What is a topper versus a comforter?

The terms "topper" and "comforter" refer to different bedding items with distinct purposes.


  • A topper is typically a separate layer that is placed on top of a mattress to enhance comfort and support.
  • It is often used to modify the feel of a mattress, providing additional softness or firmness.
  • Toppers come in various materials such as memory foam, latex, feather, or fiberfill, each offering different levels of support and comfort.
  • The primary function of a topper is to improve the overall feel of a mattress, making it more comfortable or addressing specific sleep preferences.


  • A comforter is a thick, quilted blanket filled with insulating materials such as down or synthetic fibers.
  • It is designed to provide warmth and is commonly used as the top layer of bedding on a bed.
  • Comforters often come with a fabric cover, called a duvet cover, which can be removed and washed separately. This makes it easy to maintain cleanliness and change the appearance of the bedding.
  • While a comforter adds warmth and can be a decorative element in the bedroom, it does not alter the support or feel of the mattress like a topper does.

In summary, a topper is a layer placed on the mattress to enhance comfort and support, while a comforter is a thick blanket used primarily for warmth and as a decorative element on top of the bed.

At OCOCHI, we make toppers and comforters for all bed sizes in the USA. Toppers will be made to the exact bed size, for example an 8x8 / Alberta / Vermont bed topper, is made to 96x96". A comforter will be made to the bed size + 34" width (17" extra each side) and + 18" on the length. For an 8x8 / Alberta / Vermont bed, the comforter will be 130x114".

As each order is custom made by hand at our workshop in USA, we kindly ask to double check whether the topper or the comforter is the correct item for your bed. If you are unsure, please feel free to contact Wendy at +1-949-680-0730 or wendy@ocochi.com