Stonewashed Linen – the newest member of our fabric family

This year, we have been testing a range of fabrics to add to our collection. After months of sampling, we are excited to share with you our newest Duvet Cover Set fabric - Stonewashed Linen.

It is has simply WOWED us, and now, we cannot live without it! It is incredibly soft and charming, making it a wonderful option for the outer layer of your bed.

Initially, we were a little skeptical, as our previous impression of linen was that it has a rough texture.

Through our research, we have discovered new finishing processes that softens the linen using a traditional stonewashing technique.  Now, it ticks all our boxes!

What is Stonewashed linen compared to standard linen?

After the linen has been weaved into a fabric, it is then washed in a machine with natural and man-made stones, such as volcanic rock and pumice. These tumble with the fibers to loosen the weave and enhances the softness of the fabric. The result – a subtly relaxed and textured look.

This is an additional step for the stonewashed linen only. Standard linen skips this process, which is why some linens feel tougher and less inviting than others!

Why is it more expensive than other fabrics?

Linen is precious fiber that takes a lot of time to extract. It is not just a matter of picking a crop, such as cotton. It is hidden within the depths of a flax stalk.

Tremendous care and time must also be taken during the weaving and spinning process. Initially, it is a very inflexible fiber, so it is easy to break. Our machines must run slower to avoid this.

Should I choose Bamboo or Stonewashed linen?

To this day, Bamboo remains the softest fabric that we have ever slept in and its functionality is simply unmatched.

Bamboo is a finer all-natural fabric, so if you prefer a more textured and thicker look to your Duvet Cover Set, then the stonewashed linen is for you.

It is not cotton and …….. nor does it want to be. It is an unapologetically charming fabric, with a depth of character and an air of luxury.

What is the best combination of fabrics?

At OCOCHI, our favorite combination is the Mulberry Silk Duvet Insert with the Stone Washed Linen Duvet Cover Set and the Bamboo Sheet Set.

This blends the superior qualities of Bamboo, Silk and Stonewashed Linen together. The exceptional softness of bamboo, the luxuriousness and breathability of silk and the visual beauty of stonewashed linen.

This has been our most popular combination of products from our custom bedding range and is now we called the OCOCHI Dream Bundle. It is available in all standard and oversized bed sizes.

Custom, custom, custom

Mix and match as you wish to find your perfect combination. It is made-to-order specially for you and your bed.