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Our Story

Ocochi was founded by three generations of women committed to creating better days from great sleep. For years, each of us struggled with our sleep in different ways, but simple changes in our bedding have left us feeling happier and brighter. Ocochi is our family's cure for better sleep.

Inspired by the beauty of natural ingredients and the simplicity of the production process, we hand selected family-run manufacturers who share our sustainability standards. That means our natural fabrics are free from pesticides and preserve our planet's precious fresh water.

We tested and refined dozens of versions of our bedding until we created our perfect products. And now that we've found them, we can't wait to share them with you.

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The Restless Sleeper | Jessica, Daughter

I know I’m not alone in saying I find it really hard to switch off, often getting into bed without having the time to relax from everything I’ve just packed into the day. After years of restless nights, we've designed bedding that's exceptionally soft and breathable to create the right sleep environment for uninterrupted nights. Say goodbye to hours staring at the ceiling.

The Sensitive Sleeper | Wendy, Mum

Complications with my health have led me to be very mindful of the food I eat and products I use. After a spell of spending more time in bed than I would have liked, I realized I didn’t apply these principles to my bedding. Our natural products never use fertilizers or pesticides, and are completely hypoallergenic - meaning you’ll breathe and sleep better.

The Overheated Sleeper | May, Nan

At 87 years old, believe us when we say Nan has tried a lot to ease disturbed nights from overheating and fighting with heavy duvets. So when we discovered our natural, light, unbelievably soft sheets and duvets, we couldn’t wait to share them with her so she could get the rest she needs. We’re proud to say that everything we make is “Nan approved.”

"We believe that happy sleepers are happy people"

Natural Fabrics

Natural bedding creates the best environment for sleep, so you can get those extra zzzz’s to feel healthier and more focused. Our fabrics are moisture wicking and breathable to keep you cool and comfortable so you can sleep through the night. They’re especially great for people with sensitive skin or allergies, too.

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Our designs are timeless and beautifully simple with subtle finishes such as our signature double stitching or mother of pearl buttons.

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Mother Nature

We select beautiful natural materials that are both sustainable in their production and will last you for years to come. We use only rainwater in the growth of our bamboo and each of our products is free from fertilizers or pesticides - all wrapped up in a reusable jute bag to avoid single use packaging.

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